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Hospitality and Retail businesses are a significant part of Chesterfield’s employment sector, partially due to the town centre being considered the 7th largest retail destination in the East Midlands. You can find out more about the sector on the My Future careers platform.

Although the sector has taken a devastating blow during the pandemic and has faced much disruption, this has also opened many avenues to new career opportunities. Chris Mapp, the Managing Director of the Tickled Trout explains: “We really need people to join our beloved industry, it can be an excellent career, we need the next generation to Choose Hospitality.” You can read more from Chris here.

Apprenticeships are one example of these up-and-coming avenues into an exciting and fulfilling career in Hospitality and Retail, offering many benefits and opportunities to learn and earn on the job.

Upskill existing employees

Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa have taken the opportunity to try and get society motivated to enjoy working in the industry. The business realised there are many benefits to the apprenticeship route including supporting current employees to develop skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to their job roles, which can help motivate the workforce and help the business to retain highly skilled personnel.

Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa has enrolled 3 of its current employees onto the Hospitality Team Member Level 2 course, in conjunction with Chesterfield College. Leo Baxter, employee at Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa will be studying to enhance his knowledge and skills in the Conference & Events Operations area.

Leo Baxter said: “I didn’t want to carry on with formal education, but I know I have to because of my age. I recently joined the hotel working in events on weddings and I really enjoy it and earning money to spend on me is great, so I was really pleased when I was told I was able to become an apprentice at the hotel and hopefully become an ambassador for future employees”.

Tim Cadman, General Manager at Ringwood Hall, says: “It saddens me that the industry has suffered so much as it is an industry that will always be needed, but it excites me that we have employees who want to enhance their skills and become the best that they can be in their job roles. We have some fantastic support within the hotels management team who will be great mentors for these employees and with the support of our Human Resources function hopefully we will attract new employees to the business who also wish to make a career for themselves with our support”.

Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa are also on the lookout for an apprentice chef and painter and decorator. Anyone who is interested in these positions should contact the hotel directly to discuss.

Gain on the job experience

Lucy is a Guest Services Assistant at Van Dyk by Wildes, her apprenticeship involves her working in the main department of the hotel dealing with check ins, reservations and enquiries for the bedrooms, restaurant, and events.

She said: “Every day is different, and every day I learn something new. I always wanted to work in hospitality, and was presented with this amazing opportunity with a great company. I enjoy being a smiley, well dressed and presented person and the apprenticeship suited me perfectly. I enjoy working to a high standard as well as being myself when greeting guests – it is a job I take a lot of pride in doing well as well as the presentation of the hotel and its lobby. Its everything I enjoy.”

Lucy undertook an apprenticeship to gain on the job experience to benefit her future career. She said: “I think for a job like this, it’s really good to get the experience. I have learnt the skills I need for the job whilst also getting the experience I need for my CV. If I was to study this job in education, I would be learning the knowledge I would need, but not the skills I need on the job.”

When I first started my apprenticeship, I was not as confident as I am now, I am happy to talk to our guests and can usually deal with any problems, or questions guests have as I now have that experience.”

Lucy has ambitions to pursue a career as a manager. She said: “The main reason I wanted an apprenticeship was because of the career I want; I enjoy it so much that I want to be a Reception Manager or Front Office Manager. I want to use what I have learned to be able to progress to a higher position.”

There is no better way to hear about the benefits of apprenticeships than from current apprentices. Click here to learn more. 

You can learn more about the industry and the opportunities available by accessing the My Future careers platform.

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