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Get on your bike in Chesterfield 

The market town of Chesterfield has an excellent network of cycle paths and routes that you can enjoy whatever your ability.  From smooth paths for beginners, to adventurous routes for keen cyclists who want to enjoy the cycling delights of the Peak District and Derbyshire. 

To plan your leisure rides and commutes, you can download the Chesterfield Cycle Map, produced by Chesterfield Cycle Campaign or online on the Cycle Streets website. 

We have compiled a list of bike rides and cycle routes around Chesterfield

Once you are at your location, there are ample cycling storage racks in Chesterfield town centre and key sites and attractions around the area.

Cycling Chesterfield

Servicing and repairing your bike in Chesterfield 

It is important that you keep your bikes serviced.  If you are new to cycling or just need assistance with maintenance and repairs, you can of course head to a range of bike shops across the town, but you may want to consider Chesterfield Dr Bike or the Monkey Park Cycle Workshop, two community initiatives to support cyclists. 

Chesterfield DR Bike is a pop-up workshop which takes place across Chesterfield.   Trained mechanics can adjust and repair your bike while you wait.  There is no charge for the labour, just for the spares used.  They are also all keen local cyclists so will be able to give you tips and advice on the best routes around the area.      

The Monkey Park Cycle Workshop is located adjacent to the Holmebrook Valley Trail in Brampton and offers a full range of repair services, as well as a range of reconditioned bikes for sale. If you have old bikes gathering dust in the shed, they will take them and refurbish them for someone else in Chesterfield to use. 

Cycle repair - Dr Bike Workshop in Chesterfield - Get on your bike in Chesterfield

Dr Bike Workshop in Chesterfield

Cycling for everyone 

The social enterprise Inclusive Pedals based in the Queen’s Park provides cycling opportunities for those with disabilities. 

Getting involved in the local cycling scene 

If you enjoy your cycling and want to meet like minded people, you may want to consider a local club.  Chesterfield Spire Cycling Club offers a range of activities, including socially distanced and virtual rides. 

Have a passion for cycling in and around Chesterfield?  The Chesterfield Cycle Campaign aims to increase the cycle infrastructure in and around the town and show that cycling is a viable and sustainable form of local transport. 

We caught up with Paul Chapman, Owner of S40 Local, and a keen cyclist to share his thoughts on cycling in Chesterfield, read what he had to say.

Visit Chesterfield, centre for the Peak District and Derbyshire.  The historic market town with the crooked spire has award winning hotels and restaurants.  Find out more and plan your visit at   

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