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Chair’s Blog: “I encourage you to experience the vibrancy of Chesterfield”

As I walk through Chesterfield town centre, I feel a sense of pride. High streets today throughout the country face well-documented challenges, yet Chesterfield has navigated these with remarkable resilience.

Our independent stores create experiences that make customers feel like friends and keep them coming back. For instance, Street Spirit hosts tasting events for whisky, gin, and rum connoisseurs, while Geeks Headquarters draws competitors from across the UK and Europe for its tournaments. These unique businesses are examples of what sets Chesterfield apart from other towns.

Friends playing games at Geeks Headquarters in Chesterfield town centre

Geeks Headquarters, Chesterfield town centre

Our strong community spirit is attracting vibrant new businesses to our high streets. Over 25 businesses have invested in Chesterfield town centre in the past year. Hotpod Yoga and Bottle & Thyme have rejuvenated the Elder Way development, offering more reasons to visit the town. Additionally, more homes are being developed in the heart of Chesterfield, revitalising historic high streets. Projects like the renovation of Burlington House and the old Post Office building provide excellent urban living spaces that are just a short walk from nature.

Chesterfield apartments burlington street external

Burlington House apartments, Chesterfield Town Centre

Chesterfield’s cherished green spaces, including Queen’s Park in the town centre, further enhance the quality of life for residents. These areas, hosting events such as the Chesterfield Children’s Festival and the BRM Chesterfield Festival of Cricket, are integral to the community’s heartbeat. Our food and drink scene boasts a variety of independent pubs, bars, and restaurants, extending into areas like Brampton and Whittington Moor. Whether you prefer local produce or exotic cuisines, Chesterfield offers plenty of dining choices.

Chef at Sicily holding a dish

Sicily Restaurant, Chesterfield

Significant revitalisation works are set to begin in Chesterfield town centre. This includes modernising our historic market with brighter stalls and better infrastructure and making the town more accessible with new paving and lighting. A dedicated events space in New Square will bring more events and people to Chesterfield.

We’ve seen from the success of this year’s events that there is a demand for unique experiences in the heart of our town. The 1940s market allowed families to get face to face with a real-life spitfire, immersing themselves in a slice of history. The Peddler Market sees foodies indulging in unique street food, enjoying quality time with friends and family. It goes to show that if you provide entertainment and experiences, people will come. This footfall in turn attracts more businesses to our evolving town centre.

View 01 - New Square (Ground) copy

Artists impression of planned improvements to New Square in Chesterfield town centre

This summer, I encourage you to experience the vibrancy of Chesterfield. Whether exploring the market, enjoying green spaces, or supporting local businesses and events, there is much joy and pride to be found here. Let’s continue to celebrate our community, making this summer one to remember in Chesterfield.

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Male Chair of Destination Chesterfield Pete on stage at the Winding Wheel Theatre

Peter Swallow, Destination Chesterfield Chair

Peter Swallow

Chair of Destination Chesterfield

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Family walking on a path in Queens Park looking at flowers

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