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Ivan Fomin

Ivan Fomin 2022

Ivan Fomin has lived and worked all over the UK as an engineer. Ivan moved to Chesterfield in 1990, when he founded MSE Hiller based in Chesterfield. Ivan is married with two daughters.

MSE Hiller follows a long tradition of centrifuge engineering in Chesterfield stemming from the coal and mineral extraction industries. Nowadays the industry has adapted to new processes and they are heavily involved in the food and water sectors.

The company has grown rapidly over the last ten years and works with customers throughout the UK from their base at Markham Vale.


What do you like best about living in Chesterfield and why?

We enjoy living in a period house right in the centre of town. Our children can walk into town and feel safe doing so. We have easy access to the theatres, cinema, restaurants, bars, and unique shops of Chesterfield. On the other hand it’s amazing how quiet the streets become at night.


What are your favourite ways to spend your free time in Derbyshire?

We spend a lot of our free time with our two girls and enjoy eating out and travelling throughout the area. The dog also needs a good walk every day and Linacre Woods are a favourite for this.


Where is your favourite place to eat out locally and why?

There’s a great choice in Chesterfield. Sunday evenings at Nonna’s are a great way to round off the weekend. My personal favourite is the Kaash Tandoori on Sheffield Road. They take a great interest in cooking what you want to eat, not just what is on the menu. Nothing is too much trouble there.


What are the positives about running a business here?

I’m not going to mention the M1. This area has a wealth of engineering talent and people who are interested and willing to work. It has allowed us to build the business to what it is today. Many of our colleagues have been with us since 1990.


How do you see the future for Chesterfield and its small businesses?

Chesterfield has a vibrant small business community. Even our bank manager lives and works in the town and puts a lot of energy into developing young people for industry. While there are so many examples of people working without personal gain for the town then the future must be bright.


If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you do to improve Chesterfield?

Chesterfield benefits from some amazing heritage architecture (just look up from street level in the town). I would find a way of continuing to improve the architecture in Chesterfield. There are occasional new examples which stand out but generally we could differentiate ourselves as a town by bringing better or more adventurous designs for new buildings. So much of the new build housing seems uninspired.


What three words best sum up Chesterfield?

Welcoming, Tradition, Evolution

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