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Franke Sissons lobbied for change at Westminster Briefing

Franke Sissons Ltd, who have been manufacturing for over 230 years, has headed a hard-hitting parliamentary discussion to outline the lack of surveillance for genuine CE Marking, required by UK Law, on products fitted in commercial buildings.

Franke Sissons Ltd employs the majority of its staff from the Derbyshire area and says it could expand its business and create even more employment opportunities if mandatory proof of CE Marking at tender stage was instigated.

The Company, based at Carrwood Rd, Chesterfield has solicited the support of local MP Toby Perkins and the industry body that supports manufacturing in the bathroom industry, The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), to host a hard hitting briefing session for MP’s in Westminster.

Aiming to highlight the obvious shortfalls of legislation that currently goes completely unchecked, the briefing detailed to MPs how contractors are regularly substituting unlawful and inferior products in the final fit, through either lack of knowledge in the law or in ignorance for the cheapest option.

Franke’s Managing Director, Andy Dukelow explains, “This is a problem right across the building industry not just in our sector. Without a CE Mark on products for bathrooms and washrooms, consumers may endure scalding injuries, product failure under load and ultimately products will fail completely, there is no back up and absolutely no guarantee.  Those manufacturers and suppliers who have made the investment to comply, with what is actually a law not just a guideline, will continue to be undercut by non-conforming companies putting UK jobs at risk.  I am personally deeply frustrated by the slow pace of understanding at Government level, this is a UK Law, and one of the few that could offer UK business a tangible level of support and actually add longevity to cash savings to the British tax payer.”

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American Partnership for Chesterfield FC

A partnership has been agreed between the Chesterfield FC development centre and the Gordon Hill International Football Academy, based in Florida.

As part of the agreement, up to nine youngsters from the USA will spend time in the UK with the Chesterfield FC development centre.

Chesterfield’s head of youth recruitment, Liam Sutcliffe, believes the link-up is a major step forward for the club. He said: “Joining forces with the Gordon Hill International Football Academy will provide us with the opportunity to tap into a source of emerging young talent in the United States, which is a very exciting prospect.”

Gordon Hill, who starred for the likes of Manchester United, QPR and Derby County, points out that the partnership will present many aspiring young footballers with the chance of a lifetime. “They have a desire to play and I help them develop,” said Hill.

“I know Chesterfield chief executive Chris Turner very well from our time with Manchester United and Chris said to me that with Liam Sutcliffe, who runs the development centre, these kids will get a good chance.

“It’s only a matter of time before the players start making their way over here so I bring them over so clubs like Chesterfield can have a look at them, take them into the development squad and hopefully take them into the youth squad and then push them into their reserves and first team.”

Hill, who won six full England caps during his time at Old Trafford, recently brought some of his players over to this country and they took in a visit to the Proact Stadium. He said: “After looking at the training ground and the stadium, the lads were saying, ‘Wow, I didn’t think it was this serious’!”

Spireites chief executive Chris Turner said: “The link-up provides a great opportunity for Gordon’s players and for us as a club. Forging links with players and business partners can only be a positive step forward for all concerned and we are delighted to have established the relationship.”

Chesterfield Football Club

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Candidates Announced for Parliamentary and Local Elections in Chesterfield

The candidates for the Parliamentary and local elections in Chesterfield have now been announced.

Chesterfield Parliamentary Election

The following candidates are confirmed as standing in the Chesterfield constituency in the general election on Thursday 7 May:

  • Julia Dawn Cambridge (LD)
  • Matthew James Genn (Green)
  • Tommy Holgate (Peace)
  • Toby Perkins (Lab)
  • Mark Richard Egner Vivis (Con)
  • Matt Whale (TUSC)
  • Stuart David Yeowart (UKIP)

Most people in the Chesterfield borough will vote to elect the MP for Chesterfield. However, voters in the Barrow Hill and New Whittington ward and the Lowgates and Woodthorpe ward fall within the North East Derbyshire constituency, so they will vote to elect the MP for that area.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 7 May.

Votes for the Chesterfield constituency will be counted at the Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield after the polls close at 10pm on Thursday 7 May. The result is anticipated between 2am and 3am.

Chesterfield Borough Council elections

Elections to Chesterfield Borough Council will be held on Thursday 7 May.

All 48 seats on the council across 19 wards are up for election.

Listed below are the candidates standing in each ward.

Barrow Hill and New Whittington ward – three seats

  • Phillip Bailey (Ind)
  • Joanne Iris Barnett (Lab)
  • Richard Bexton (UKIP)
  • Barry Bingham (LD)
  • Jane Stephanie Collins (LD)
  • Lisa-Marie Derbyshire (Lab)
  • Susan Gibbons (Con)
  • Christopher Kevin Edward Heels (UKIP)
  • Andy Jakins (LD)
  • Shelton Joseph Mann (Ind)
  • Sissy McMahon (Ind)
  • Lewis Mark Preston (Con)
  • Linda Rowley (Con)
  • Paul Christopher Stone (UKIP)
  • Marion Thorpe (Lab)
  • Matt Whale (TUSC).

Brimington North ward – two seats

  • John Burrows (Lab)
  • Jolyon James Favreau (LD)
  • Terry Frank Gilby (Lab)
  • Richard Gingell (Con)
  • Harry Edward Holloway (LD).

Brimington South ward – three seats

  • Andy Bellamy (Lab)
  • Ian William Callan (Lab)
  • Joanne Favreau (LD)
  • Paul Gibbons (Con)
  • Tricia Gilby (Lab)
  • Keith Doran Shutler (LD).

Brockwell ward – three seats

  • Steve Brunt (Lab)
  • Maureen Davenport (LD)
  • John Anthony Dickinson (Lab)
  • Jill Mannion-Brunt (Lab)
  • Ray Russell (LD)
  • Chris Slack (LD)
  • Simon John Temperton (Con)
  • Stuart David Yeowart (UKIP).

Dunston ward – three seats

  • Sue Christopher (LD)
  • Lee Anthony Cooper (UKIP)
  • Sarah Hollingworth (Lab)
  • Alexander Joseff Millward (UKIP)
  • Patrick Proctor (LD)
  • Mark David Rayner (Lab)
  • Gordon Simmons (Lab)
  • Irene Wilkinson (Con).

Hasland ward – three seats

  • Mick Brady (Lab)
  • Steve Cadywould (LD)
  • Lorna Hall (LD)
  • Andrew Hollyer (LD)
  • Amanda Jayne Serjeant (Lab)
  • Andy Slack (Lab)
  • Anne Margaret Sterland (Con).

Hollingwood and Inkersall ward – three seats

  • Mick Bagshaw (Ind)
  • Barry Dyke (Lab)
  • Helen Ann Elliott (Lab)
  • Claire Gratton (LD)
  • Anthony Hill (Lab)
  • Andrew Jervis (Con)
  • Paul Alan Mann (Ind)
  • Ruth Marina Perry (Ind).

Holmebrook ward – two seats

  • Glenys Falconer (LD)
  • Keith Falconer (LD)
  • Stephen Paul Hitchin (Lab)
  • Tommy Holgate (Peace)
  • Suzie Perkins (Lab)
  • Annetta Jean Woodhead (Con).

Linacre ward – two seats

  • Jeannie Barr (LD)
  • Peter Ian Barr (LD)
  • Sharon Buxton (UKIP)
  • Ian Leslie Jerram (UKIP)
  • Andrew Oakley (Lab)
  • Diane Marie Oakley (Lab)
  • Gordon Franklin Partington (Con).

Loundsley Green ward – two seats

  • Christopher John Patrick Beirne (LD)
  • Kevin John Maher (LD)
  • Terry McMahon (Ind)
  • Avis Joan Murphy (Lab)
  • Luigi Postiglione (Ind)
  • Mick Wall (Lab)
  • Richard Frederick Woodhead (Con).

Lowgates and Woodthorpe ward – two seats

  • Christopher Robert Austin (Con)
  • Dean Collins (Lab)
  • Lisa Kelly Collins (Lab)
  • Joe Mann (Ind)
  • Michelle Joan Mann (Ind)
  • Malcolm Benjamin Rowley (Con).

Middlecroft and Poolsbrook ward – two seats

  • Alice Georgina Blyth (LD)
  • Chris Ludlow (Lab)
  • Margaret Ann Moss (Con)
  • Donald Parsons (Lab).

Moor ward – two seats

  • Sonia Marie Allen (LD)
  • Keith Brown (Lab)
  • Kate Caulfield (Lab)
  • Lisa Kate Gingell (Con)
  • Tony Rogers (LD).

Old Whittington ward – two seats

  • Norman Andrews (Con)
  • Joan Bentley (UKIP)
  • Laura Bentley (UKIP)
  • Jean Mary Innes (Lab)
  • Peter Innes (Lab)
  • John Arthur Rimington (LD)
  • Sean Vickers (TUSC).

Rother ward – three seats

  • Clive Archer (LD)
  • Stuart Brittain (Lab)
  • Jenny Flood (Lab)
  • Stella Louise Hunt (Con)
  • Keith Miles (Lab)
  • Lisa Danielle Pritchard (TUSC)
  • Carl Walters (UKIP).

St Helen’s ward – two seats

  • Helen Claire Bagley (Lab)
  • Fran Lomas (UKIP)
  • Keith Lomas (UKIP)
  • Daniel Wayne Marshall (LD)
  • Tom Murphy (Lab)
  • Michelle Elizabeth Stevenson-Briggs (LD)
  • Jonathan James Wilkinson (Con).

St Leonard’s ward – three seats

  • Sharon Lesley Blank (Lab)
  • Maggie Cannon (LD)
  • Shelley Dale (Con)
  • Ken Huckle (Lab)
  • Yvette Denise Nicole Marsden (LD)
  • Adrian Mather (Ind)
  • Kate Sarvent (Lab).

Walton ward – three seats

  • Graham Frederick Barnett (Lab)
  • Helen Blair (Lab)
  • Paul Dale (Con)
  • Alexis Saliou Diouf (LD)
  • Vickey Diouf (LD)
  • James Liam Hunt (Con)
  • Gordon Alexander McLaren (Lab)
  • Nick Redihough (LD)
  • Bentley Strafford-Stephenson (Con)

West ward – three seats

  • Howard Borrell (LD)
  • John David Lee Boult (Con)
  • Ray Catt (Lab)
  • Rod Harrison (UKIP)
  • Marcus Stanton Linsey (Con)
  • Paul Adam Niblock (LD)
  • Shirley Anne Niblock (LD)
  • Paul Packham (TUSC)
  • Rachel Rush (Lab)
  • Nigel Robert Sterland (Con)
  • Sharon Wall (Lab)
  • Robert Christopher Warwick (UKIP).

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 7 May.

Votes for the Chesterfield Borough Council elections will be counted at the Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield, from 11am on Friday 8 May. The first results are expected around noon, with the final results expected by 2pm.

Sixteen current councillors have decided not to stand for re-election. These are:

  • Councillor David Stone (Barrow Hill and New Whittington ward)
  • Councillor Julie Lowe (Brimington South ward)
  • Councillor Bob Gibson (Brockwell ward)
  • Councillor Dave Allen (Hasland ward)
  • Councillor Martin Stone (Holmebrook ward)
  • Councillor Mark Higinbottom (Linacre ward)
  • Councillor Michael Fanshawe (Loundsley Green ward)
  • Councillor Vicki Lang (Lowgates and Woodthorpe ward)
  • Councillor Jim McManus (Lowgates and Woodthorpe ward)
  • Councillor Graham King (Moor ward)
  • Councillor Neil Rayner (Old Whittington ward)
  • Councillor Steward Bradford (Rother ward)
  • Councillor Linda Clarke (St Leonard’s ward)
  • Councillor Chris Collard (Walton ward)
  • Councillor Keith Morgan (Walton ward)
  • Councillor Denise Hawksworth (West ward).



Con = Conservative Party

Green = Green Party

Lab = Labour Party

LD = Liberal Democrats

Peace = Peace Party

TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

UKIP = United Kingdom Independence Party.

Ballot Box

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Videos show latest progress at Markham Vale

Work to develop a Chesterfield regeneration site at Markham Vale is gathering pace.

Derbyshire County Council have been filming the progress of two of their latest developments, inspirepac and Gould Alloys.

The first development is a 50,000 square feet building for Chesterfield-based metal distributors Gould Alloys which is due to be completed in April.

And work to build a 100,250 square feet printing factory and office building for Derbyshire-based company inspirepac is due to be completed in May.

Read more about developments in Chesterfield

Markham Vale

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Visit England Chooses Chatsworth For Excellence Awards

Chatsworth has been chosen as a finalist in the ‘Large Visitor Attraction’ category of Visit England’s Excellence Awards – a celebration of the cream of English Tourism.

The winner will be announced at a glittering Awards Ceremony at the Sage Centre in Gateshead on 9 May 2015.

Chatsworth has seen significant investment in recent years. More than £14 million was invested in upgrading the visitor experience as part of the Masterplan programme of improvements while major events like the ‘Beyond Limits’ monumental sculpture exhibition in the garden, the ‘Chatsworth Country Fair’ and the ‘Chatsworth Festival – Art Out Loud’ draw in thousands of visitors.

The Large Visitor Attraction category covers visitor attractions of all kinds, with over 50,000 visitors per annum, including attractions that offer pre-booked tickets, museums, interpretation centres, theme parks, historic houses and castles. Chatsworth is facing competition for the top prize from Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust in Shropshire, Liverpool Cathedral, The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall and the Roman Baths and Pump Room in Bath, Somerset.

James Berresford, chief executive of VisitEngland said: “It’s been another successful year for our Excellence Awards as we’ve received hundreds of applications of an extremely high standard.

“That’s why all the finalists should be incredibly proud that they’ve been short-listed against such tough competition. I’d like to congratulate all the finalists who now represent the top five in their category in England and wish them all the very best of luck on Awards night at the Sage Centre in Gateshead – a spectacular venue to celebrate the industry’s best.”

Chatsworth House West Front

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Spireites Sign International Striker

Chesterfield have signed Bermuda international striker, Rai Simons from non-league Ilkeston Town.

The 19-year-old has been on Chesterfield’s radar for some time and manager Paul Cook is delighted to have clinched his signature.

Cook said: “Rai is someone we have tracked for a while. We feel that he will develop as time goes on and have a bright future.”

After agreeing a two-year deal at the Proact, Simons said: “I’m excited because I’ve been looking forward to this moment since moving to England at the age of 15. The set-up sounds brilliant and it is everything I could ask for.”

Simons scored on his full international debut for Bermuda and set up the other goal in a 2-2 draw against Grenada.

Spireites Sign International Striker

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New Cancer Unit to be Built In Chesterfield

Plans for a brand new state-of-the-art cancer centre at Chesterfield Royal Hospital have been given the go-ahead sparking a £2.5million fundraising appeal by Macmillan.

The Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre is a joint venture between Macmillan and the Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to bring vital cancer treatment, care and support together in one purpose built facility.

This exciting new £8.9 million development, due to open in Autumn 2016, will mean that more people with cancer in North Derbyshire will be able to access joined up services closer to home.

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has committed £6.4 million of the total cost. Macmillan has launched a fundraising appeal for the remaining £2.5 million needed.

Every year, more than 1500 people in North and North East Derbyshire are told they have cancer and as many as 9,000 people receive cancer care in North and North East Derbyshire at any one time.

Currently cancer care and treatment is given from different clinics across the Chesterfield Royal hospital site, and the chemotherapy unit is no longer large enough for the number of patients it sees.  There is also only a limited information service.

The new centre will change all that – enabling specialist teams to provide a range of appointments in one place – including all out-patient chemotherapy and clinical haematology. There will be an increase from 8 to 25 chemotherapy chairs and 2 beds. The centre will also include a specialist Macmillan information and support service which will offer cancer information, benefits advice, emotional support and also signpost patients to other local services such as support groups.

The new centre will benefit patients such as James Colhoun, 73, from Bakewell, who was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia called myelodysplastic syndrome in July 2013.

The condition cannot be cured so James receives ongoing chemotherapy and haematology treatment at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

The new centre will mean James will be able to access all the cancer services he needs under one roof, reducing delays and repeat visits to the hospital.

James said: “Although my condition cannot be cured, with chemotherapy, it can be contained. However, this does mean a large portion of my time is spent in hospital receiving treatment. I have to go to the hospital seven times a month to have treatment across 4 different hospital departments which are at opposite ends of the hospital. It can be quite stressful having to travel around different departments for treatment and can result in a huge amount of time being wasted.

“Being able to have my treatment in one place so I don’t have to visit lots of different departments will make things a lot easier for both me and the staff, and reduce delays. The nurses and specialists do a brilliant job but they are let down by the situation they are in, which is not their fault and should be sorted out.”

Jane Rudge, Senior Macmillan Development Manager, commented: “This is a vital new centre for the people of North Derbyshire. Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the toughest things that anyone can face and the Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre will give local people the very best in treatment and support.  But we won’t be able to do this without the generosity of local people.”

Chief executive at the Royal, Gavin Boyle said: “This is a really exciting development for the hospital, our patients and the local community.  By working in partnership with Macmillan we will create a really special cancer centre that will absolutely enhance the fantastic work our cancer teams do. It’s a massive ask but I’m convinced people will be behind the plans and fundraising campaign.”

For information about the new centre, how to make a donation or for details on how you could get involved in supporting the Appeal, visit macmillan.org.uk/chesterfieldappeal, call 0300 1000 200 or email fundraising@macmillan.org.ukChesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre

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AW Repair Group Opens at Markham Vale Bringing More Jobs to Chesterfield

A vehicle accident repair centre has opened up its new state-of-the-art bodyshop at a Chesterfield regeneration site bringing 14 new jobs.

AW Repair Group, which provides a range of crash repair services, opened its fourth bodyshop at Markham Vale this month in a £450,000 expansion.

The firm’s new premises just off junction 29A of the M1, adds to their existing sites in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Managing Director of AW Repair Group, Andrew Walsh said:

“Markham Vale fitted perfectly with the group’s expansion plans being located just off the M1. We are excited to be opening up job opportunities in the surrounding areas and looking forward to working with the local community.”

AW Repair Group work in partnership with prestige manufacturers such as Land Rover, Jaguar and the Volkswagen Group, and currently employs 85 people across three sites.

A further 14 jobs have been created at the Markham site, 12 of which have been filled and two will be advertised shortly.

Peter Storey, Head of Markham Employment Growth Zone at Markham Vale said:

“AW Repair Group is the latest in a line of companies signing up to move in at Markham, bringing more jobs to the area.”Markham Vale continues to thrive and plays a key role in achieving the council’s long-term vision of building a strong economy in Derbyshire that creates jobs and provides a bright future for our young people.”

The firm’s 15,000 sq. ft. bodyshop was designed by our private sector developer, Henry Boot Ltd as part of the Waterloo Court building.

Ben Ward from Henry Boot Developments commented:

“We are delighted to welcome AW Repair Group to Markham Vale. The recent flurry of successful deals makes Markham Vale one of the most active enterprise zones in the UK.”We recently welcomed Ready Egg and Euro Garages, delivered additional space for Holdsworth Foods and are currently underway with significant new buildings for Gould Alloys and inspirepac for occupation this summer.”

Existing occupiers at Markham Vale include MSE Hiller, Squadron Medical, Industrial Ancillaries, Andrew Page, Holdsworth Foods and Ready Egg Products.

The regeneration site is one of the UK’s biggest Enterprise Zone developments and this latest development is being funded using a £14.2m Government grant awarded through the Sheffield City Region’s Enterprise Zone.

AW Repair Group opens at Markham Vale

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Lawyers of the Future Reach Finals in Regional Competition

Budding lawyers from Chesterfield College have battled their way through a courtroom showdown to secure a place at the final of the 2015 Inter-School Mock Trial.

The annual competition, held by Sheffield Hallam University, in partnership with the Sheffield Law Society, is an opportunity for A level students from schools and colleges across the region to compete for valuable work experience placements with local solicitors, as well as a trophy to take back home.

Students at Chesterfield College gave a winning performance before the jury and now wait to hear who they will face in the final which takes place at Sheffield Combined Courts in June.

Julie Fidorra, 6th form law lecturer said:-

“Competitions like this give students a fantastic insight into what it is like to be a solicitor or a barrister and where their studies can lead to.

“I am really proud of our students. They were articulate and presented their case eloquently. They have proven they can put the things they have learnt into practice without letting the pressure of a real life court room scenario affect their ability to think on their feet. They really did look the part too!”

Holly Cole, one of the A ‘level team members commented:-

“The competition has been an amazing and eye-opening experience. It has been fun too. It’s made me realise that I would definitely like to pursue law as a career.”


Photo: From left to right: Chesterfield College A’Level Law Students – Holly Cole, Freya Hindley, Bobby Cutts, Andre Beighton , Tom Ullyatt.


Chesterfield College - 2015 interschool mock trial competition

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First Wireless Broadband Antennae in Chesterfield

Chesterfield Champion, Central Technology, has installed the first state-of-the-art wireless antenna in Chesterfield to create faster speeds.

The super-fast broadband speeds up to 160 times faster than currently available to all business tenants in close proximity to Beresford Way, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield.

Ian Snow, Managing Director remarks:-

“We are excited to bring the first antenna to Chesterfield, which will make a big difference to many of our neighbours who we know have been struggling with poor broadband for a number of years.  Our technical team has overcome complex challenges to deliver this much needed service which will naturally boost efficiency and productivity.

“Central Technology’s ISP infrastructure and antenna is an affordable alternative and offers business peace of mind that they are getting the best possible internet speeds and management of their broadband service.”

Beresford Way is the first of Central Technology’s sites to benefit from superfast broadband and will act as a blue print to roll out further antennas in Chesterfield at a later date.


Central Technology Broadband

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Young Spireites Duo to Sign Professional Deals

Chesterfield FC has offered professional contracts to youth team duo Laurence Maguire and Jake Beesley.

Maguire, who plays in central defence, has captained the high-flying Spireites youth team this season while striker Beesley has scored 20 goals so far. Both youngsters have a footballing heritage.

Maguire’s brother Harry is with Premier League club Hull City and Beesley’s father, Paul, starred for the likes of Sheffield United and Leeds United.

Commenting on the decision to offer contracts to the pair, Academy Manager, Gerry Carr said:-

“This is without doubt the most difficult part of my job. We have had an excellent season with the youth team and all of the players have played a huge part in that.

“Mark Smith and I have assessed all of the second years over a two-year period and Laurence Maguire and Jake Beesley have been the most progressive over that period. Hopefully they can both go on to represent Chesterfield in the first team. For those two the hard work to become a successful professional footballer is just starting.

“Those that have been unfortunate enough not to be offered a professional contract will hopefully go on to prove us wrong. We as a club will do our best to help them out in the next stage of their lives and careers. I wish them all the very best of luck in the future.”
Maguire expressed his delight at the news. He said: “It feels very good. When I got the news from Gerry and Mark, I was just relieved – now it’s onwards and upwards.”

Beesley added:-

“I’ve been at the club since I was 14-years-old. It’s nice to come all the way through, get my scholarship first and then after those two years I’m delighted now to get my first pro contract.”Spireites Duo

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