Chesterfield’s SDE Group helps fellow local business move to new Markham Vale warehouse

Chesterfield’s SDE Group has helped to facilitate the move of a fellow business in the town to new premises at Markham Vale.

The company successfully refurbished the new home of BeaconMedaes in a ten week project that was delivered from ‘Concept to Completion’ across all areas of the SDE Group.

SDE Group were required to alter the racking layout from a VNA (very narrow aisle) to a standard aisle due to the change of their fork lift trucks, whilst also removing various areas of racking to clear space for a ‘goods in’ area. Timber decks were supplied and installed on beam levels as per the client’s requirements.

The company’s Installation Engineers relocated the multi-tier shelving system from BeaconMedaes’  previous site in Staveley to the new warehouse space. SDE Electrical were involved to alter the lighting to suit the new racking layout.

Interior joiners created an office space from the original store room by installing interior stud walls and were decorated to a high standard to create a brighter inviting working environment.

While the 3D Design team assisted in the design and layout of the new canteen and kitchen areas to create a comfortable breakout space for all workforces within the building.

A high level of Project Management was required to ensure all works were completed efficiently and on time to the highest standards. SDE Group provided numerous consultations with various people to ensure the project met all regulations in order for sign off.

Project Consultant, Luke Hemstock said: “On a whole I thought that the project ran very smoothly, this was down to good communication from the client and ourselves and if there was any issues that did arise, we made sure that these were sorted immediately to avoid any delays or financial implications.

“We were extremely pleased from the industrial racking move to the dilapidations and interior alterations, everything worked very well and met the clients’ requirements and timescales, the feedback from the client has been very positive. On larger projects such as this one, there are always snagging works making sure everything meets the client’s expectation, therefore we have made sure we have been there to support the client throughout the whole process, from concept to completion.

Luke also said it feels great to be collaborating with fellow businesses in Chesterfield: “In our line of work, we work with a wide variety of clients, from national PLC’s to small independent businesses. That is all well and good, but the most satisfying part for me personally is helping local businesses, a lot of which you know on a much more personal level due to the mutual connections with them. The journey you go on with them and the growth you can contribute to first hand is fantastic.”

Take a tour of the newly-refurbished warehouse by viewing a video on the SDE Group website.

SDE Group supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 200 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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