Weightron Bilanciai partners with the world’s first football club, Sheffield FC

Sheffield FC (The World’s First Football Club) has welcomed Chesterfield Champion, Weightron Bilanciai Ltd as the club’s community and brand partner.

The club, founded back in 1857 and based at The Coach and Horses Ground in Dronfield has partnered with the manufacturer, which will provide direct support to women’s and junior squads. They include:

  • Junior Disability Teams – Under 12’s & Under 16’s
  • Women’s Development Team
  • Under 18s Team
  • Girls Under 18’s – 2 teams

Richard Sheldon (General Manager/Club Secretary) said “This is an amazing and integral partnership for not only the club as a whole, but in particular our community teams. This will provide new kit and equipment for every community team we have and will support our amazing SFC Women Development, SFC Junior Disability and Under 18’s boys.

“This will allow the club to continue its development and strengthen it’s presence in the local community and increase participation in football for a wide range of variations of the game.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Nick Catt in putting together this partnership and it’s clear that Weightron Bilanciai Ltd are committed and pride themselves in supporting integral community projects in the local area.”

Nick Catt, Managing Director at Weightron Bilanciai Ltd. said: “We are delighted and excited to be partnering with Sheffield FC for the 2020/21 seasons, we at Weightron Bilanciai recognise and support the work that Sheffield FC are doing and their role in the local community, we feel it is even more important in times that we are all facing together today to keep that community outreach and support going.”

The company is the UK’s leading manufacturer of weighbridges, industrial weighing equipment, process weighing systems and software. Find out more. 

Weightron Bilanciai supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 190 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Leading Chesterfield engineering firm Weightron launches innovative industrial waste system

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd has launched a brand-new waste management system for businesses, which will help firms in cutting down on costs and administration workload.

Itemised Waste Management (IWM) Enables companies to input the exact weight and type of waste they produce into a digital log, taking away the headache of having to keep tack of multiple waste sources.

The product provides a life-cycle cost saving by cutting out any disputes, the need for administration and invoicing accurately. Data from the weighing of materials can be displayed as a simple Excel spreadsheet which can then be imported into existing management software systems.

How it Works:

  • Each bin can be tagged, or the user has electronic ID
  • The bin is weighed on a low level platform with a clear visual display.
  • The software is configured to automate invoices, accurately reflecting the waste each tenant produces.
  • Users not recycling correctly can be quickly identified and educated accordingly to further reduce waste costs

The system can be used in a number of industrial settings, including office blocks, schools and universities, tenement buildings, hospitals and airports, hotels and restaurants, factories and manufacturing premises and shopping centres.

It can also handle various types of waste, including paper and cardboard, metals, plastics and glass, food, general mixed waste, contaminated waste, along with medicinal and hazardous waste.

Nick Catt, Managing Director at Weightron Bilanciai Ltd. said: “Following the first release of Weightron Waste management solutions some 5 years ago Weightron listened to the market and enhanced the product features, new Web based cloud portals and Apps to give clients full access to their real time live data 24/7.

“The latest IWM solution has the capability to run standalone, connected to the client network for Internet access or connected to the GSM network for Internet access. The real time data can be viewed by the Facility Management company and by the tenants, who have a limited view of their own data and recycling performance. The launching of this new IWM system with the Cloud Portal interface was also complimented by a range of new mobile Apps that allows the user to scan and track the waste bins across sites and easily reallocate bins once they have been processed.

“The benefits to multi-occupancy building, shopping centres, hospitals and manufacturing facilities is the charges for waste generation can be attributed to individual tenants or departments, whilst encouraging the need to improve the localised recycling with the publishing of internal League tables or providing rebates to lease charges for tenants that recycle efficiently.

“Facilities Management companies in a large city such as London present data to their tenants in terms of “Trees Planted” and the “number of London buses removed from roads”. Collection vehicles are no longer arriving to collect half empty compactors or partially full bins as the operators know exactly how much waste has been been generated and into what compactor it has been loaded (Cardboard – General Waste – Plastics).

“The return on investment in within months of installation thanks to the reduction of waste and more importantly the reduction of commingled waste that cannot be recycled easily, this system also provides companies with ISO14001 evidence of the constant effort to improve their environmental impact.”

Weightron Bilanciai supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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