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Print Digital Media takes on new apprentice with help of local skills provider GBS Apprenticeships

Print Digital Media has added to it’s growing team by taking on a new apprentice after working with local skills and careers company, GBS Apprenticeships.

Jasmine Mowbray has been working at Print Digital Media for just over a month, and has already been involved in a number of marketing projects at the firm.

Jasmine explained how her first month working with the business has already given her a range of new skills and experience: “I have had a fantastic time in my first month at Print Digital Media. Working for a small company meant I got to meet everyone involved in the business really quickly and all my co-workers are supportive and always happy to help to help, if I’m ever in need of guidance.

“Everything happens in one building, so I have been able to see the full cycle of the service we provide, from design to proof and print. This has enabled me to become more knowledgeable about the business, which has helped a lot in my projects.

“Since starting my role, I have worked on a range of different marketing projects. I’m always doing something different everyday meaning that it never gets repetitive, and it also means I’m able to test and improve my abilities, resulting in a wider set of skills.

“I wish I had chosen this path sooner! It’s a really dynamic way of learning as you are gaining valuable industry experience whilst also obtaining a degree. If you are someone who’s looking to widen their knowledge but struggles with learning in a classroom and long hours of studying, an apprenticeship would be a better option for you!”

Richard Musgrove, Managing Director of Print Digital Media commented on how much of a benefit Jasmine has already had on the company: “It’s been a really difficult two years for many businesses, especially the hospitality sector but projects that have been on hold are now coming through. The investments we made last summer in new printing presses increased our capacity, dramatically speeding up our turnaround times, which has improved our service offering and enabled us to take on additional works.

“Young people are often criticised, a lot of which is unjust in my experience as the majority just need a platform to learn, develop and grow. At PDM we are very proud to be supporting the younger generation that are starting out, whether it’s work experience or apprenticeship programmes and if we can provide development opportunities, to help them personally or professionally that sets them on the right path, then brilliant. We might just be mentoring the next Ben Francis.”

Richard also praise GBS for enabling his company to find the right person for his business: “The whole GBS team were very supportive and the process was incredibly easy. GBS took a detailed brief of our requirements and really tried to understand our culture and how we work to find the best fit, ensuring the candidates would also fit in.

“What really struck me was how considerate and caring GBS were towards the candidates, as it’s a daunting experience coming out of sixth form or college into an interview process, but they were great.

Coral Guard, Marketing Manager at GBS Apprenticeships said: “Everything we do is for the benefit of both learner and employer. We want our employers to bring bright young minds into the business and give them the opportunity to thrive. Apprentices are able to gain brand new skills, while a business can help build on skill gaps and strengthen their business further. Seeing businesses grow and develop further through employing an apprentice is why we do what we do.

“We are always at hand to help a business get started with employing an apprentice. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we can have a chat about what your business needs. We help by evaluating what type of apprenticeship will benefit the business, handle all the advertisement and the recruitment process. There are many benefits of hiring an apprentice including:

  • Bridging the skills gap, particularly those within technology as this helps to move a business forward.
  • Having a fresh perspective. Apprentices may not have work experience but they can offer a fresh perspective and new ideas that can help a business grow. Young people tend to have strong technology skills and they can use this knowledge to build a competitive advantage.
  • The cost of an apprenticeship pays for itself. Within a few years, or even sooner, apprentices can improve a company’s bottom line by improving effectivity and boosting productivity.
  • It’s a cost effective way to train staff or hire new staff.
  • GBS are there to support you and your apprentice from start to finish. We want both apprentice and employer to work together to help build one another’s skills and business.

“Overall, apprenticeships are a great way to provide life changing opportunities to young people and a cost effective way for local businesses to develop their workforce and bridge those skill gaps.”

Find out more about apprenticeship opportunities in Chesterfield at:

Print Digital Media and GBS Apprenticeships support the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 200 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Successful Kickstart scheme extended to provide further boost to young people

More young people in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire could be given a chance to gain vital work experience after the Government extended the Kickstart Scheme by three months.

East Midlands Chamber has welcomed Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s confirmation the Government’s employment programme will continue to fund new starters on the six-month job placements until 31 March 2022, rather than the original 31 December 2021 end date.

This means it will continue to accept applications from employers and gateway organisations, such as the Chamber – which has already helped to create and fill more than 1,000 vacancies for 16 to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit or at risk of long-term unemployment – until 17 December this year.

Unveiling a £500m jobs support package at the Conservative Party Conference, Mr Sunak also confirmed an initiative to give businesses a £3,000 bonuses for each apprentice it hires will be extended until 31 January 2022.

East Midlands Chamber deputy chief executive and Kickstart lead Diane Beresford said: “This is really positive news for businesses as it comes at a crucial period in which many firms are now looking to grow again following the struggles they have endured over the past 18 months.

“The Kickstart Scheme has been a fantastic initiative that enables companies to trial new roles they may otherwise not have felt in a position to do, and we’ve received outstanding feedback from so many employers about the high standard of people they have recruited and the attributes they’ve brought to teams.

“This announcement also provides a big boost to young people, who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic both in terms of their mental and physical wellbeing, and the significant amount of unemployment it has created.

“The Kickstart Scheme has been a lifeline for them to get the skills and work experience that will be vital to their future prospects, and this extension will enable potentially hundreds more people to make the first crucial steps in their career.”

How does the Kickstart Scheme help businesses and young people?

The Department for Work and Pensions funds 100% of the age-relevant National Minimum Wage, national insurance and pension contributions for 25 hours a week over a six-month period.

Employers can choose to top up this wage and are also eligible for a £1,500 Government grant for training people on a Kickstart placement.

Once applications are accepted, young people are referred into the roles via a Jobcentre Plus work coach.

East Midlands Chamber has had just under 2,800 placements approved among 860 businesses located in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and other locations. Of these, 2,325 have resulted in vacancies being created and 1,111 of those have now been filled, with dozens starting new roles every week – meaning hundreds more could benefit over the three-month extension.

Eighty percent of those who have finished their six-month placements have either secured jobs or moved into further study.

Nick Hogan, who owns Chesterfield Escape Rooms used the scheme to help build a workforce in order to ensure a successful launch for the new business.

He said: “When Kickstart came along, it allowed me to recruit and be selective in the recruitment process.”

“In working with these six people, it’s reminded me that everyone deserves a chance. The younger generation is tomorrow’s workforce and unless we give the opportunities to succeed, our businesses won’t survive.”

Frontline Sales & Marketing, in Chesterfield, has recruited 10 people via the Kickstart Scheme, with some of those resulting in permanent roles.

Director Vicky Anderson said: “The difference we are making together for these young people is just incredible.

“It’s a privilege to be a part of it, and I never thought it would be such a resounding success. I am absolutely convinced this will pay off economically, socially and for our wider community.

“There is nothing better than real work, structure, tasks and deadlines to shape a person, give pride and a new ‘professional’ identity.”

The latest Kickstart vacancies can be viewed at

For businesses wanting to take part in the Kickstart Scheme, contact Pieter Eksteen on or 0333 320 0333 (Ext 2241).

East Midlands Chamber and Chesterfield Escape Rooms support the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 190 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Chamber celebrates helping 1,000 young people find job placements via Kickstart Scheme

East Midlands Chamber is celebrating after passing a major milestone – helping more than 1,000 young people to secure a job placement via the Kickstart Scheme.

The region’s leading business representation group has been commended by the Minister for Employment after playing a key role in assisting companies to create six-month work placements for people aged 16 to 24 who are on Universal Credit or at risk of long-term unemployment.

The Chamber is the UK’s largest and – with almost half the vacancies created resulting in a position being filled – top-performing gateway organisation, which lodges funding applications on behalf of businesses to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

It celebrated the landmark achievement by welcoming key civil servants at the DWP to the Chesterfield Jobs Fair, hosted by Chesterfield Borough Council, earlier today (15 September).

East Midlands Chamber deputy chief executive and Kickstart lead Diane Beresford, along with education and business partnership manager Pieter Eksteen, also met with Jo Macdonald, who chairs the Kickstart gateway approvals board for the DWP, to explain how the Chamber has managed to secure so many placement starts among young people.

Diane said: “Young people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic both in terms of their mental and physical wellbeing, and the significant amount of unemployment it has created.

“The Kickstart Scheme has therefore been a lifeline for them to get the skills and work experience that will be vital to their future prospects. We’re delighted with our track record in converting applications into real jobs, which have played a key role in giving young people the chance they may not have otherwise had while also enabling companies to trial new roles.

“We’re continuing to support businesses and job centres to place young people, as well as look beyond the six-month period to ensure there’s a future roadmap to full-time employment.”

How Kickstart Scheme has benefitted businesses and young people

Nick Hogan, owner of Chesterfield Escape Rooms, has hired six games masters via the Kickstart Scheme – with two other vacancies now live and an application for another position currently being processed – and joined the celebration event with Kickstart employee James Bryan.

Nick has entered into a joint venture partnership with some members of his Kickstart team to establish Chesterfield Games Quarter, which will comprise the escape rooms as well as a video games zone, virtual reality zone and the existing Geeks board game venue. Based in Soresby Street, it is due to open in October.

“I used the Kickstart scheme because I wanted to give something back to the town and create new opportunities for young people,” said Nick, who has given the team a five-figure, interest-free loan to the team to help it run the business.

“But it has also allowed me to get my foot into the market to assess the business opportunity, and has given me the confidence to now grow this into the Chesterfield Games Quarter concept.”

Freelance actor James, 22, of Chesterfield, (pictured above) is four months into his Kickstart placement at the escape rooms business after finding acting work opportunities deteriorated during the pandemic.

He said: “It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to get involved with a new business, and gain some really valuable experience and diverse skills for my CV that will be really important for my future employability.”

How does the Kickstart Scheme work?

The DWP funds 100% of the age-relevant National Minimum Wage, national insurance and pension contributions for 25 hours a week over a six-month period.

Employers can choose to top up this wage and are also eligible for a £1,500 Government grant for training people on a Kickstart placement.

Once applications are accepted, young people are referred into the roles via a Jobcentre Plus work coach.

East Midlands Chamber has had more than 2,700 placements approved among almost 800 businesses located in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and other locations. Of these, 2,200 have resulted in vacancies being created and 1,024 of those have now been filled.

Minister for Employment Mims Davies MP said: “It’s fantastic to see that over 1,000 young people have begun their Kickstart journey thanks to the vital support from East Midlands Chamber, in a range of exciting new roles, setting them on the road for their future careers – crucially part of the over 69,000 young people who have now started these jobs.

“Our Plan for Jobs is focused on creating and spreading opportunity just like this around the UK as we push to level up across the country.”

East Midlands Chamber and Chesterfield Escape Rooms support the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 190 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Find your next career at the Chesterfield Market Recruitment Event

People searching for work in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire are being invited to a recruitment event where they can, learn more about the Kickstart vacancies, meet employers and get help to perfect their CV.

Chesterfield Borough Council has teamed up with DWP Jobcentre Plus to stage the event – designed to give job seekers a helping hand to find their next role and support local businesses to recruit. This will include hospitality, leisure, construction and health care businesses which are all struggling to recruit following the pandemic.

There will be a special focus on the Kickstart scheme, which provides 16-24 year olds with a six month paid work placement, that could lead to a full time role. There will be the opportunity to find out more about current placements by speaking to the employers directly.

It will run between 10am and 3pm on Wednesday 15 September at Chesterfield Market Square, with employers from sectors including Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, Customer Service, Administration and more still to be confirmed attending on the day.

Find out more about the event here.

Councillor Amanda Serjeant, deputy leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Events like these are a great way for job seekers to directly meet employers in the area, and hopefully find the right opportunity for them – while helping local businesses fill their vacancies at a time when some sectors are struggling to recruit.

“Working with our partners in North East Derbyshire and Bolsover, we’ve been supporting virtual jobs fairs over the last 18 months and feel it’s important to host this face-to-face event now that restrictions have eased. It gives employers a chance to speak to their potential employees and it gives job seekers a great opportunity to make a fantastic first impression.

“If you’re looking for work, then this event is here for you. Not only will you be able to find out more about current opportunities, you can also get support to develop your CV, interview skills and covering letters.”

Julian Sutton, North Derbyshire Employer Lead & Kickstart District Account Manager, said: “The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Chesterfield Jobcentre Plus Offices (Markham House and Steeplegate) are looking forward to working collaboratively with Chesterfield Borough Council to co-host the Chesterfield Market Place Recruitment Event and bring this fantastic opportunity for the local residents of Chesterfield and North Derbyshire. On offer will be a fantastic array of new employment skills, employability skills, jobs and Kickstart vacancies through our local Partner organisations and Employers.”

The drop-in event is open to everyone, with no need to make an appointment, but job seekers registered with Jobcentre Plus can reserve their place by speaking with their work coach.

There will also be a selection of local training providers and other organisations who will be able to offer help and support with your job search. They will be able to offer advice on apprenticeships and the training available.

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Local Work Experience Programme a Huge Success at Vicar Lane

Vicar Lane Shopping Centre’s recent work experience programme has been hailed as a huge success, after independent retailers helped with providing a 10-week work course for learners from Shirebrook.

The programme, put together by Shaun Brown, Centre Manager of Vicar Lane, and Sandra Currey, Programme Development Worker for Derbyshire Adult Community Education Services (DACES), saw five young learners from Shirebrook work with the centre’s independent outlets (Qoozies, Nana B Baby Boutique, Shop Indie and Gorilla Garms), as well as the Centre Management team.

The programme helped the learners to broaden their horizons, raise their aspirations and understand the reality of the world of work.

Each week, the learners began their day with an introductory session at the Centre Management Suite, before heading off to work in the participating independent outlets from 10am until 3pm. They then ended the day back at the Centre Management Suite where they reflected on their day’s work.

Taking part in the work experience programme has enabled the learners to bridge the gap between their education and the world of work, and helped them to find out more about potential career paths that are open to them.

The Shirebrook learners, said:

  • ‘’The programme has gone very well, I was quite nervous at the start but once I met Shaun, I felt a lot more comfortable and as the weeks kept going, I starting to feel a lot more confident. The placement has helped me decide what I want to do in the future.’’
  • ‘’My favourite part of the placement was getting to know all the staff and being able to get along with everyone because they are so friendly – I was offered an apprenticeship opportunity, and this has boosted my confidence.’’
  • ‘’Doing this work experience has helped me gain the confidence to work with the general-public, and work in a professional manner and to be able to handle working under pressure.’’
  • ‘’I have really enjoyed the online side of the business – it has been interesting tracking the customers who shop online and sending emails to them to let them know their order is on the way.’’
  • ‘’My placement has been amazing – this programme has helped me with talking to new people and has improved my confidence.’’
  • ‘’My placement has been great! I have gained confidence and learnt how to deal with difficult situations in a professional way.’’

Carole Healey, Programme Development Manager, said: “I was extremely impressed by the care, support and professionalism of Shaun. The fact that in order to facilitate our learners to the best of his ability and support them, Shaun also undertook to gain a teaching qualification in record time!”

“The inspirational way in which Shaun engages with our young people and the staff who have hosted them in their chosen work placements, is very evident. I could see for myself the difference it made. I witnessed the increase in confidence and maturity that this programme has given them.

“I would like to thank Shaun and everyone involved in this programme. The impact on these young people cannot be underestimated and I know they will carry this experience as a positive in their lives.”

Sandra Currey, Programme Development Worker, said: “Shaun was instrumental in setting up initial meetings with the employers and encouraging them to take part in the work experience pilot and he has taken an active role each week by delivering an excellent induction and several Nearpod lessons based around health and safety to ensure that learners were prepared for the world of work.”

“Shaun went over and above our expectations and undertook the Award in Education and Training qualification before the placement started to ensure that he delivered a professional service for our learners – we can’t thank him enough.”

“Shaun has enhanced the Study Programme curriculum by his involvement and everyone at DACES hopes that the project can continue in the future.”

Bev McKenzie, Study Programme Worker and Tutor, said: “Vicar Lane Shopping Centre and Shaun Brown have been tremendous in providing our students with the best possible work placement for their Customer Service qualification and work experience.

“Shaun supported them throughout the process and communicated with the tutors regularly so to ensure the project ran smoothly. We have created a great working relationship with Shaun and look forward to working with him in Sept 2021 when our new cohort are on board.”

Vicar Lane Shopping Centre supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Free online event set to help school leavers access apprenticeships and training opportunities in Derbyshire

A brand new virtual event is being held for young people in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire who find themselves at a careers crossroads since leaving school.

The free ‘Apprentice Town – Find Your Apprenticeship’ event is taking place on Tuesday 10 August – A Level results day and just two days before GCSE results day on Thursday 12August. It is designed to showcase apprenticeship vacancies and support available to both Year 11 and 13 school leavers.

Held online to ensure it is as accessible to as many young people as possible Destination Chesterfield is working with Chesterfield Borough Council to deliver the event as part of the Apprentice Town initiative.

To ensure the event is easily accessible, pre-registration is not necessary; it’s just a case a clicking a MS Teams or Zoom weblink on the day at

The event brings together seven apprenticeship and training providers from across North Derbyshire, including Apprentice Team, Buxton and Leek College, Chesterfield College Group, DBC Training, GBS Apprenticeships, Juniper Training and University of Derby.

During the day-long online event, which begins at 10am, each provider will deliver a 45-minute session on the wide variety of opportunities and training available. Available opportunities range from Kickstart placements and college courses as well as apprenticeship vacancies currently available in Chesterfield, across a range of occupations including Beauty Therapy and the police force as well as many more.

Delighted to be involved in the initiative Julie Richards, Principal and Chief Executive of The Chesterfield College Group said: “This event provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the benefits of apprenticeships and the wide range of opportunities available in the local area. We are delighted to be able to share the range of exciting vacancies on offer and highlight the support we can offer to people looking to develop skills whilst earning a wage and developing a career.”

Councillor Amanda Serjeant, Deputy Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council and Vice Chair of Destination Chesterfield, said: Apprenticeships are fantastic for both the employer and employee. We’re lucky in Chesterfield that we have a strong network of apprenticeship providers, with lots of experience in ensuring a placement helps the apprentice gain new skills, while also providing support and guidance to the employer.

“There are always lots of varied apprenticeship opportunities available in Chesterfield. This event will promote what’s on offer and support both employers and individuals to access them. As an Apprentice Town we are committed to raising awareness and increasing participation in apprenticeships and we would encourage anyone who is looking for the first step into work – or a change of career direction – to get involved in the event and see what local opportunities are available.”

For a full itinerary of the free ‘Apprentice Town – Find Your Apprenticeship’ event and to access all training providers talks and Q&A sessions visit free

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Monkey Park takes advantage of government Kickstart Scheme

Chesterfield Community group, Monkey Park CIC has bolstered its services by taking on two young and enthusiastic staff members via the government’s Kickstart scheme.

The initiative provides funding to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. Employers of all sizes can apply for funding.

One of the new team members, Ruben has worked in hospitality for a number of years and wanted to try something different. He has been working in the café and around the hub, helping out with a variety of tasks and projects.

The group also took on Jordan, who has worked as a volunteer at the group’s Bike Workshop for several years. As part of his Kickstart role, he continues to work in the Bike Workshop, and has also been involved with other activities and duties around Monkey park, acquiring some valuable employment skills.

Monkey Park’s marketing coordinator, Sally Tunstall said: “The Kickstart scheme has enabled Monkey Park to work with two enthusiastic young people, who bring new ideas and perspective to their roles. We have the pleasure of watching them develop their skills, and knowing that we are helping them with the first steps of their career. Kickstart has also given his extra manpower at a particularly challenging time, as we come out of covid restrictions and try to get the organisation back to normal operations.

“Jordan was already part of Monkey Parkas a volunteer, and so has settled easily into his employee role really well. We have taken him slightly out of his comfort zone by setting him new challenges and intruding him to new areas of working. He has coped well with this and we can see his confidence growing.”

“Reuben has settled really well into the Monkey Park team, bringing some great new ideas and a brilliant sense of humour. He has been given a variety of projects and tasks, which is widening his skills set and again building his confidence. He has explained that the Kickstart scheme appealed to him because young people can work with the Job Centre to find roles that interest them and fit their skills and personality.”

Find out more about Kickstart and how it can benefit your business at:

The organisation is also on the lookout for a number of voluntary directors who are looking to give something back to the local community. The roles include: Finance Director, Social Impact director, Community Fundraiser and Community engagement/development.

These are permanent voluntary roles, working alongside Monkey Park’s existing voluntary directors and dedicated team of staff & volunteers. For more details or to register your interest, email Michelle at or call 07410987734.

Monkey Park supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Councils helping to Kickstart the careers of young adults in North Derbyshire

Two special events are being launched on social media to help 16-24 year olds across North Derbyshire gain valuable work experience through the Kickstart government scheme.

Launching on 28 June and 12 July at 10 am, the two events will be hosted by North East Derbyshire District Council in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council and Bolsover District Council. The event will take place across social media channels and Kickstart opportunities will be promoted on the hashtag #KickstartDerbyshire.

The scheme, launched in late 2020 by the government, gives 16-24 year olds claiming Universal Credit the opportunity to gain valuable experience in paid work with the companies offering the vacancies – of which there are almost 2000 across Derbyshire.

The six month Kickstart placements will be paid minimum wage and there are opportunities in sectors such as digital media, nursing, construction, trades, project management to name a few.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet member for Economic Development Councillor Carolyn Renwick said, “The council is proud to help promote these incredible opportunities that are available for the young adults in our district.

“At a time when unemployment rates amongst this age group is high due to the pandemic, these Kickstart opportunities are an incredible chance to get a foothold into paid work and could be the start of your future career.

“There are almost 2000 opportunities available in Derbyshire alone and the need to help our residents who are looking for work has never been greater.

“The online events will be a great platform to promote the vacancies to our communities and further help and advice is on offer from our Economic Development team and local job centres”.

Councillor Amanda Serjeant, Deputy Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Kickstart offers a fantastic opportunity for young people to increase their experience in the workplace which will help them develop new skills and build a career. Young people have been seriously affected by the ongoing pandemic and it is important that we offer them the help they need to build a successful future in our area.

“We’re proud to be working together with our colleagues in North East Derbyshire District Council and Bolsover District Council to promote these opportunities because youth unemployment is a growing concern across all of Northern Derbyshire and we must work together to tackle this.

“By promoting these online we are hoping to reach a wide audience and show the range of opportunities available in our area, as well offering further advice as needed. I’d encourage any young person currently looking for work to look closely at these opportunities and apply for them because you never know where it may lead.”

Bolsover District Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development Councillor Liz Smyth said: “Helping young people find work is an essential part of supporting our local economy. The pandemic has caused this age group disproportionate hardship in the job market and Bolsover District Council is pleased to support this scheme and give young people the support they need.”

Angela Stansfield, of Jobcentre Plus, said: “We are delighted to be working with the local authority on these events to help promote the fabulous range of jobs available through the Kickstart scheme. They give young people a golden opportunity to move into employment, some for the first time, while boosting their confidence and gaining new skills for the future”.

To apply for any of the vacancies promoted at the upcoming events, interested parties should contact their Job Centre Work Coach.

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Work Placements For Young People On Offer at Chatsworth Under New Kickstart Scheme

Work placements have been created across the Chatsworth Estate under the Government’s new Kickstart Scheme set up to help young people at risk of long-term unemployment.

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create new jobs for young people aged 16 to 24 who are receiving Universal Credit. To support the national ‘Plan for Jobs’ scheme launched by the Department of Work and Pensions, employers must create new high quality employment opportunities that would otherwise not be available. These can either be entirely new roles or existing roles but additional to the employer’s normal workforce.

The Devonshire Group, which comprises Chatsworth, Bolton Abbey and the wider estate operations has created a range of exciting six-month placements including: gardeners, farmyard and adventure playground assistants, drystone waller, collections assistant and commis chef.

Devonshire Group Engagement and Development Co-ordinator, Nathan Fairhead said: “We are proud to be supporting the Kickstart scheme to provide young people in our communities the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. We are eager to do what we can to help young people through the extremely challenging context that the Covid-19 pandemic has created for jobseekers. We’re looking forward to welcoming our first Kickstart colleagues to these new roles and equipping them for their future careers.

“We have identified a variety of exciting opportunities across the Devonshire Group and our management team have been keen to support the scheme. Some will be roles that are the same or similar to roles already in place but will be additional to existing numbers. Other posts are entirely new such as placements in Sustainability, Retail Efficiency Support and Forestry.”

All the candidates will be closely supported by their department managers to ensure they receive relevant ‘on the job’ training and paired with a ‘buddy’ for personal one-to-one support. They will also be offered employability skills training to be delivered remotely by Buxton and Leek College working in partnership with the Devonshire Group.

Many of the 33 placements are already live with several more across the Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group in Derbyshire and Yorkshire due to be posted shortly.

Candidates can apply for live placements via Job Centre Plus, who will then pass the application to the employer.

For more information, go to or speak to a Job Centre Plus work coach.

Chatsworth supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Kickstart scheme creates almost 900 new jobs for 16 to 24-year-olds

Businesses have been urged by East Midlands Chamber to use gateway providers to create work placements in the Kickstart scheme – after it helped to create hundreds of roles for young people in the region.

The chamber of commerce for Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire has so far helped to facilitate 887 new roles across the three counties. All these have been approved by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which will provide a £1,500 grant to employers for each six-month placement created for a 16 to 24-year-old.

Further applications have been submitted for another 900 roles as part of the organisation’s role as a gateway provider, which has so far been required for businesses with fewer than 30 vacancies.

East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) deputy chief executive and Kickstart lead Diane Beresford said: “Using a gateway provider removes the headache of trying to understand the Kickstart application process and ensures businesses receive the full support they need when submitting an application, as well as filling the vacancy with help in tasks such as writing job adverts.

“The Chamber has pledged to work with employers and the young people they hire during the placement to identify any suitable progression opportunities, while we are also able to manage and deliver the mandatory employability support programmes on their behalf with additional sector-based workshops.

“All this free support means companies can concentrate on what they do best, which is running their business, while giving opportunities for the young people that extends far beyond the initial six-month period.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced yesterday (Monday 25 January) that businesses can now also apply direct to DWP for a placement.

Diane said the Chamber remained open to offering gateway services to businesses that want to create a placement as part of the £2bn scheme.

She added: “The Government’s drive to support the creation of new jobs at this challenging time for business is laudable.

“Hundreds of businesses in the East Midlands have already stepped forward to create new opportunities as part of the Kickstart scheme, and we’re proud of the role we’re playing in supporting businesses to secure approval for these placements as an official gateway provider for the scheme.

“It is essential that the Department for Work and Pensions works through current applications in order to support more coming through, and that it continues to encourage small business to work with gateways as an essential support mechanism for businesses to provide a helping hand navigating what can be complex bureaucracy.”

To find out more about how East Midlands Chamber can support businesses with the Kickstart scheme, contact education and business partnership manager Pieter Eksteen on 07468 474307 or email


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Chesterfield College helps employers access £2 billion of government funding to recruit young people

Chesterfield College is helping employers make the most of government funding to grow their workforce and help young people into employment. The college is now a provider and intermediary of the government’s Kickstart Scheme, helping businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, to get access to their share of £2 billion of funding to provide meaningful 6-month job placements for 16-24-year olds.

The scheme was launched earlier this year as part of a recovery package of measures outlined by the chancellor, Rishi Sunak. It offers employers a means of growing their workforce with a talent pool of people looking for a route into employment.

The WorkSkills team at Chesterfield College is working with employers to apply for funding, liaise with JobCentrePlus, choose the right candidates, and provide any additional training needs alongside the job placements.

Funding available for each job will cover the relevant National Minimum Wage, plus NI contributions and any auto enrolment pension costs for up to 25 hours a week. Employers will be able to benefit from a fully funded new member of staff, but they can also choose to top up and pay above the minimum wage or cover the costs beyond 25 hours per week.

There is also funding available to support young people to develop new skills and to help them move into sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart funded job. Free upfront and on-going training, designed to support the new roles created, will be provided by the college to ensure new employees can make the most of their opportunity.

Lee Kirton, WorkSkills Delivery Manager from Chesterfield College said: “This a fantastic opportunity for employers of all sizes to grow their workforce and access a large pool of candidates with potential and ambition, ready for an opportunity to kick start their career. Our expertise of working with employers, young people and JobCentrePlus will give employers the best chance of accessing this pot of funding and benefiting from the Kickstart scheme. We are passionate about working together to create meaningful job placements for young people to develop in.”

For more information about the rules of Kickstart scheme and how to access funding working with Chesterfield College, visit

Find out more about apprenticeships in Chesterfield here

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